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Embroidered Clothing

Embroidered clothing that stands out from the crowd

2014ShirtsandBlousesMiniBrochure-smIn today’s business world, an attractive logo is crucial for developing awareness of your product, brand, or service and attracting your target audience. Your logo has to represent what your business is about in a way that is unique, meaningful, and memorable. Having the right logo embroidered on company apparel presents a professional image that sets you apart from your competitors.

Outside of work, embroidered clothing is the perfect way to present your identity to others. Personalised clothing can unite a team towards a common goal, giving each member a sense of belonging. With the individualisation of each garment – perhaps with the team members’ names – you can establish how each member is one part of a wider group.

Whether you are a corporate client looking for personalised work clothing, a military unit looking for military embroidered clothing, a school, a sports team, or a charity – our embroidery services are for you. A professionally embroidered garment will differentiate your group from others. In a highly competitive market, embroidered clothing can get your brand noticed.


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Passionate about embroidered clothing

We understand the time and effort that you have put into your brand, the name of your team, and your logo. As personalised clothing specialists in Chichester and Tiverton, it comes as second nature to us to ensure your clothing looks great and gives you a unique identity to be proud of.

Understanding modern embroidery is about more than just the mechanics behind how logos and text are constructed on fabric. Our in-depth knowledge of a range of different colours and styles means that we can offer expert advice. We have an excellent team of designers on hand to take your design and transfer it into stunning items of clothing.

For us to be proud of our clothing embroidery, your order needs to do more than just arrive on time. It is about embroidery as a piece of art, and each garment has to be special to your organisation. Our passion for embroidered clothing means that any artwork you supply us will be carefully transferred to every garment we produce. Even small text can be presented in a clear and legible way. (5mm lettering minimum.)


Delivering on our promises

It takes a highly skilled professional to get the right results every time, on budget, and without delay. Don’t risk spoiling your image – get the best from Top Stitch!

Embroidered clothing works on almost every fabric and you can use a number of different colours in the design. Our specialist techniques implement a design that washes well and resists fade. We only use materials of the finest quality because we want you to wear your customised clothing with pride for years to come. The advantages of using embroidery over other personalised clothing options is that it offers you the most professional look, and is long-lasting.

The team at Top Stitch understand that we are only as good as our last garment, which is why we maintain a high level of workmanship on all orders. Call us today on 01243 601431 to discuss your ideas for embroidered clothing. We only make promises that we can keep.

A love of embroidery runs in our family and our dedication to perfection is unrivalled by any other embroidered clothing company in the UK. Our interest in our trade has deep roots in the history of embroidery – we are fascinated by how it has influenced the modern world of clothing. Find out more below!


The history of embroidered clothing

People have been using sewing techniques for thousands of years. In the Iron Ages, those skilled with a needle and thread could tailor, patch, mend, and reinforce materials to give them a longer life. This made better use of scant or hard to come by resources. Embroidery is the art of decorating a fabric with intricate sewing patterns.

The earliest examples of embroidery as an art form can be dated almost as far back as clothing itself, stemming from a human affection for ornate things. Elaborate embroidery designs were the result of many hours’ careful hard work by a true master of embroidery; consequently, embroidered clothing and objects became the mark of wealth and status in many cultures.

Different cultures all around the world embraced the decorative potential of sewing. Embroidery evolved in a wide variety of styles based on the tastes and traditions of the country that practiced it, as well as the resources that they had available to them. The distinctive history that is embroidery can be appreciated from as far apart as Egypt and China to Persia and Europe.


Traditional techniques in modern day embroidery

The first known working sewing machine was developed around the late 18th century. Machines revolutionised embroidery. By using multiple threads to construct the stitches, the process of the embroidery chain stitch done by hand could be replicated in a fraction of the time.

2014WorkwearMiniBrochure-smComputer technology has further given us the capability to mass produce beautiful embroidery patterns in a cost-effective way. The accuracy of a computer means that excellent embroidery results can be achieved, even for small text and intricate logos; artwork can be converted into a digital file that instructs the embroidery machine to replicate it to the millimetre.

Some more advanced embroidery machines can even ‘read’ a given design from a digital picture, and translate this to an embroidered pattern for you.

Although the vast majority of embroidered clothing is done by machines today, the basic technique of embroidery that was in use centuries ago has not changed. However, as it became much quicker and cheaper to produce, embroidered clothing became more widely available in large quantities.

To place your order from embroidered clothing in the UK, call our personalised clothing team now on 01243 601431. We offer an excellent service and competitive prices.